2011 is Going to be a Break-Out Year in All Areas of Your Life, Income and Growth Only if You…

… set the RIGHT goals and follow the RIGHT process to ensure that you achieve them.

You see most people either do not set goals or set the wrong ones and then wonder why the only thing they achieve is frustration or disappointment. Therefore I asked myself,

“Would it be possible to give our entire community a gift that would ensure a break-out year for everyone?”

The answer came in a resounding “YES!” when I approached my coach and friend, Mack Newton, to lead his life-changing, goal setting program with me.

Mack is the elite of fitness coaches, has coached the most premier athletes in the world, has multiple World Series and Super Bowl rings, and is a 7th Degree Tae-kwando Master. His interview on my All-Access Chat with Champions was the most listened to and shared interview in over five years!!!

On February 22 and 23, Mack and I are going to personally coach and guide you in a, one-of-a-kind-never-done-before Goal Setting Program.

Listen to a message from Blair

Listen to a message from Mack

This program will combine two of the most experienced and best minds in producing personal results in a two session program that will not only change your life; but virtually ensure, not just a good year… but a break-out year.

You see… part of the problem is that most of the time you set the wrong goals! This process will remove your self-sabotaging “don’t deserve”, “can’t do it”, “not motivated” and fearful thoughts and help you replace them with the “RIGHT” Goal for you to drive results into all areas of your life – in record time.

Now you can get stepped through a process that has:

  • Won Gold medals and major championships
  • Created multi-millionaires
  • Blasted away excess weight and poor health, and replaced it with an energetic, fit YOU.

Mack and I will help you clear your head and move past your sabotaging “Little Voice.” We’ll teach you how to access the true essence of what you REALLY want to achieve – and avoid the barriers your mind usually presents that hold you back from pursuing what is most important to you.

Every step of the way, Mack and I will be:

  • Questioning you
  • Coaching you
  • Motivating you

Reaching into your very core to find the best part of you – and bring it to the surface!

Using this information, you will build a plan that brings these dreams to you quickly.


Willingness to do this with at least one other friend or, better yet, your whole team. We’ll let you include however many people you can crowd around the phone (because the process requires you to work with at least one or two other people).
The ability to block time for two 90-minute transformational sessions on Feb 22 and 23, 2011 at 4:00 pm MST.
Your intention to stay committed to the process and have a “whatever it takes” attitude to achieve your goals.

We wanted to make this program affordable so we could help as many people as possible. Usually, people pay thousands of dollars a year to work with Mack and to get this material over many months. You are going to get it in two 90-minute sessions. When I coach clients, it is at the rate of thousands of dollars per session.

We agreed that this program would be $995 for the two sessions. But, we are so determined to turn you from a “compulsive problem solver” into an “over-achieving goal setter” that we decided to experiment to see how many testimonials of accomplishment we could get to prove the process.

Our challenge is that the conferencing program we are using is limited to 200 users…. so if you register quickly before Feb 20, 2011 and are among the first 200 to register, the price for you and a friend, (or as many as you can crowd around a speaker phone*) will be only:


$195* !!!

Remember, this price is for as many people as you can crowd around your speaker phone! Share it among 4 people, and it’s less than $50 per person! Share among 10 people and it’s less than $20 per person!

Space is limited! If you are excited about getting clear on what you are most passionate about achieving in 2011 – and determining how you are going to get it done, don’t procrastinate and lose out on this opportunity – it is a ONE TIME event! The question is, are you ready to get what you really want in a matter of weeks, not years? If yes, sign up now!

* One phone per registration please

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