Create Break-Out Results in
All Areas of Your Life!

Hi this is Blair….

It’s time for you to have great results in all areas of your life… Agreed?

But let’s do a reality check:

picture Are you tired of getting “almost there”?
picture Are the things that you really want realities or simply wishes?
picture Does your Little Voice convince you to simply be happy with what you have – and not set your expectations too high? 
picture Have you set goals for yourself, got inspired, only to find them ultimately fading into the sunset? 




I know you have dreams. I know you have incredible abilities… but if you are like most people, you will spend your life “hoping that things will get better”. It’s not because you aren’t capable… you are! It’s because you don’t have the right process to set the right goals to get what you really want.

That is about to change for you right NOW!

What you are about to experience is a one-of-a-kind process that has:

picture Won world championships
picture Built multi-million dollar businesses
picture Shed countless pounds
picture Created incredible fitness


Janice Christensen“Keith and I have been married for 36 years. In those 36 years we have argued about one thing and only one thing. When I did the goals workshop, I was horrified to find that resolving that issue was my Most Definite Purpose. Blair told me to believe in the process, so I took a deep breath and went for it. I shared my process with Keith and in FOUR DAYS the problem was resolved. We’re both thrilled with the results. You’ve changed our lives.Thank you, Mack and Blair, for creating this program.

– Janice Christensen

Most of my life, I have set goals for myself to achieve my own dreams. In fact, I became a compulsive goal setter because I had never met any champion in the world of business, sports or life that did not set goals for themselves. Yet, it seemed that some of my goals were hit or miss.  Half the time they were more hopes than goals.  Can you relate?

pictureYet, along the way, I was blessed to have been coached and taught by some of the greatest teachers on the planet. One of them is Mack Newton.  When he shared with me this incredible goal setting process that you are about to experience, I quickly realized that this was THE process.  The process that would eliminate all the wishing, hoping and wondering when it came to achieving what you want.

You see… Mack is an 8th Degree Tae-Kwando Master, in the top echelon of the most elite fitness coaches, has coached the most premier athletes in the world, and has multiple World Series and Super Bowl rings. His interview on my All Access Club Chat with Champions was the most listened to and shared interview in over five years!!!  I am honored to say that he is my coach as well.

Having spent 28 years teaching businesses and individuals how to be the best they can be, I approached Mack to collaborate with me to bring his unique process to the rest of the world.  What has resulted is a one-of-a-kind ground-breaking Goal Setting Program that will help you define your most important goals- and develop a solid plan to reach them!


Listen to a message from Blair


Listen to a message from Mack

Two great minds…

Two thought-provoking sessions…

Break-out results!

You see… a big part of the problem is that most of the time you set the wrong goals because you don’t really know what you want or you have self-limiting beliefs! This process will remove your self-sabotaging, “don’t deserve,” “can’t do it,” “not motivated” and fearful thoughts and help you replace them with the “RIGHT” goal for you to drive results into all areas of your life – in record time.

Now you can get stepped through a process that will:

  • Expand what you believe you are capable of achieving
  • Help you discover the right goals (because there are wrong goals!)
  • Indentify all the obstacles that could stand in your way and eliminate them
  • Deliver a complete road map that will get you to your dreams


Ashley Stucker“I was so excited and confident about reaching my goals I could feel the blood racing through my body and I couldn’t sleep! Not even to dream about my goals! Despite the lack of sleep I’m still crazily driven today! Thank you for the tools that are helping me become who
I’m supposed to be.

– Ashley Stucker



The program consists of two high-energy, 90-minutes sessions in which Mack and I:

picture Question you to get to your most important goals
picture Coach you on how to move past stumbling blocks and plan your success
picture Motivate you so you have the personal commitment that will result in you sticking to and achieving your goals faster than you ever imagined possible!

pictureAs we guide and coach you on the audio, you will be able to document every step of the process to your goal in the included workbook.  This workbook will also serve as a journal for weeks to come, helping keep you focused and on track to achieve your goals. And remember, you can use this process again and again and again for any goal you want to achieve in the future. 

Through this process, Mack and I will help you clear your head and move past your self-sabotaging “Little Voice”. We’ll teach you how to access the true essence of what you REALLY want to achieve – and avoid the barriers your mind usually presents that hold you back from pursuing what is most important to you.

We’ll reach into your very core to find the best part of you – and bring it to the surface!  Using this information, you will build a plan that brings your dreams to you quickly.

Normally, when I facilitate this process for businesses, groups or individuals, I charge tens of thousands of dollars.  However, Mack and I feel this system is so powerful, we want to make sure that you can have it, too!

You can get the complete Little Voice Mastery Champion Level Goal Setting Program
Only for $195!




Bring the Little Voice Mastery Champion Level Goal Setting
Process “Live” to You and Your Whole Team

TeamHave you ever noticed that achieving what you want requires more than just you?  Sometimes the biggest obstacles are getting others to support you, be aligned with you or just give you the space to let you get what you want to have.  How cool would it be if your team, your family, your friends, your colleagues not only supported you – but had goals of their own that you could support them on, and hold each other accountable to?

I know the power of a team that works together to achieve their team and individual goals, so, I created an opportunity for you and your team to access this process LIVE!  The trainers who deliver this program are trained to custom tailor the process and facilitate it live with you or your group. This group training comes complete with:

picture Exercises to help keep people involved and generating powerful goals and plans
picture Discussions that help everyone understand the process and get the most out of it
picture Maximizing the key points so the team can support each other, as well as focus and stay on track for their own goals

This process ensures that EVERYONE on the team not only participates, but becomes accountable to other members to getting their goals accomplished. Imagine what that would be like if everyone was not only goal-oriented, but accountable! WOW!

To learn more about this “LIVE” Team Option, fill in the information below for a free consultation to assess your needs, goals, team dynamics and recommend the best way to proceed with a LIVE Little Voice Mastery Champion Level TEAM Goal Setting program.

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If you are excited about getting clear on what you are most passionate about achieving – and determining how you are going to get it, don’t procrastinate!  This program will help you look at goal setting and planning in a whole new way that gives you the motivation and methods to get you started and then help you stay on track!  You really can get what you want in a matter of weeks, not years, so take action now!


Steven Wade“The program was exciting!!! I really like how the twelve-step process is abstract enough that it can be applied to any goal, but when specific goals are set, the process is like a well-tailored suit. You and Mack also brought a lot of awareness to me about myself … thank you both for guiding us all in the path to self-discovery and taking action NOW.

– Steven Wade